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Online Sourcing and Procurement ; Manugistics Group

2115 E. Jefferson St., Rockville, MD 20852

(301) 984-5000


Ticker: MANU

Exchange: NASDAQ

Employees: 1,271

Greg Owens

CEO, Chairman

Joined April 1999 after managing the supply chain practice at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). Has a B.S. degree in industrial management from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Richard Bergmann

President Joined June 1999 to head sales and services unit, then made president in December 2000. Also an Andersen supply chain alumnus. Before that, directed corporate logistics at Frito-Lay.

Robert Phillips

Chief Technology Officer

Joined December 2000, when Manugistics bought Talus Solutions, a pricing analysis software vendor, where he was also chief technology officer. Oversees overall tech strategy.

Key Products:

Sourcing Workbench, Project Management, Supplier Selection, Vendor and Contract Management, Buyer's Workbench, Supplier's Portal, Event Management and Analysis.

Late Entrant

Long strong in supply chain management, Manugistics is a newcomer to e-sourcing and e-procurement software.

Last July, Manugistics signed a deal to resell online sourcing and procurement applications from Frictionless Commerce, a four- year-old venture-funded company in Cambridge, Mass. Manugistics also has demand-planning, forecasting and scheduling applications that run on the Internet, so companies and suppliers can better plan the delivery of goods.

Although Manugistics' last full year of profitability was 1997, it has lately shown signs of strength. Average contract size last year jumped 78%.

Manugistics has been "very responsive" to truck-maker Paccar Inc. as it installs a private network connecting it to its 1,700 dealerships worldwide, says Bob Christensen, general manager of the Paccar parts department.

A similar endorsement is made by Hank Steermann, senior manager of supply chain at Sears, Roebuck and Co., which got its initial exposure to Manugistics via a marketplace for retailers, and is now testing the software with one of its largest trading partners. "They [Manugistics] are working well with us at this point," Steermann says.

Despite the strides it has made, Manugistics' late arrival in e- procurement and its lack of a product for enabling online auctions have slowed its progress in the online sourcing market - even with some customers.

For example, DaimlerChrysler uses several Manugistics applications, but none for online sourcing or procurement. For those tasks, DaimlerChrysler uses Covisint, a marketplace built on Commerce One technology.

Unilever, a $46 billion consumer goods company, is well into a giant project to overhaul how it buys everything from memo pads to the ingredients for making ice cream. It's using Manugistics for demand planning, but SAP for purchasing.

For now, Manugistics appears to be more a company to watch in e- procurement than an emerging leader. "It's something they're trying out tactically, but Manugistics probably will not be a direct threat to Ariba or Commerce One," says analyst Albert Pang of International Data Corp.

Reference Checks

Paccar Inc.

John Wisdom

Manager, Dealer Inventory Program

(425) 468-7400

Project: The $6.1 billion truckmaker uses Manugistics to track inventories and automate ordering of truck parts at 330 of its 1,700 dealerships.

Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Hank Steermann

Senior Manager, Supply Chain



Project: Sears tracks and forecasts sales with suppliers via GlobalNetXchange, a marketplace for retailers that uses various Manugistics applications.


Peter Laurence

Director, Global Supply Chain Project

+41 22 739 3000

Project: The $1.4 billion Swiss biotech company will consider Manugistics' e-procurement packages after rolling out sales forecasting, demand planning and other Manugistics applications.


Donald Davidoff

VP, Pricing and Revenue Management

(303) 708-5959

Project: The $830 million real-estate company uses a revenue- management tool that Manugistics inherited when it acquired Talus Solutions in 2000.

Black & Decker

Mark Lawrence

Supply Chain Manager

(410) 716-3900

Project: Manugistics applications coordinate supply and demand planning at factories of the $4.3 billion power tools manufacturer.


Bharat Popat

VP, Product Management

(415) 399-0990

Project: Uses Manugistics to let retailers and suppliers collaborate on inventory issues.

Executives listed here are all users of Manugistics' products. Their willingness to talk has been confirmed by Baseline.

Manugistics Operating Results

F2002YTD* F2001 F2000

Revenue $310M $268M $152M

Gross margin 63.5% 70.8% 63.5%

Operating income -$125M -$28.4M -$10.5M

Operating margin NM NM NM

Net income -$115M -$28.1M -$8.9M

R&D spending $70.5M $40.8M $29.2M


Other Financials**

Total assets $330M

Stockholders' equity $373M

Cash & equivalents $233M

Property & equipment $22.9M

Long-term debt $251M

Shares outstanding 68.3M

Market value at April 10 $1.26B

Number of stock splits, last five years Two

**As of Feb. 28

NM = Not Meaningful

Sources: Baseline, Company Reports, Yahoo Finance

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