Sunday, March 4, 2012

Go Easy on the Ibuprofen // Use Common Sense When It Comes to Painkiller Dosage

Since ibuprofen became available over the counter in 1985, it hasbecome a locker room favorite for treating aches and pains. Severalforty-something athletes are promoting its powerful anti-inflammatoryaction, with 46-year-old pitcher Nolan Ryan endorsing Advil and40-year-old tennis ace Jimmy Connors telling people to "Nupe It" with Nuprin.

Now a new study indicates that taking ibuprofen before anunaccustomed, rigorous activity may lessen the soreness that oftenoccurs 24 to 48 hours later. Called delayed onset muscle soreness,or DOMS, these dull aches differ from the sharp pain of other sportsinjuries because they aren't felt until the morning after, when youwake up …

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